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Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training

The Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training is suitable for those who wish to offer Forest Bathing as a wellness practice, Spa activity or in combination with other wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness and coaching. It is suitable for people working in the area of ecotourism or health tourism.

Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training

The Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training is for those who wish to build further on their Forest Bathing expertise. It offers expertise and guidance on how to move Forest Bathing from an evidence based wellness and preventative practice to a treatment intervention and rehabilitation support for specific populations.

The European Forest Therapy institute 5x5-model training is inspired by our love for the land,
the richness of our European ancient traditions, cultures and our specific social and environmental context.

Based on a scientific supported framework and the latest European research, at the EFTI Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy 5x5-model training you will:

  • Enhance your awareness of your relationship with nature that supports your healing, meaning and purpose.
  • Equip you with a specific framework to guide forest bathing walks and experiences.
  • Provide you with a tool kit to integrate Forest Bathing wellness practice and Forest Therapy treatment and rehabilitation practice into the health care system.
  • Integrating new skills to develop your life and career path.

We offer trainings and programmes that are unique, up to date and in the lead.

By choosing to train with us you´ll receive:

  • 1
    A choice between two certification pathways: Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy Guide.
  • 2
    High Quality Professional trainings that are more financially available.
  • 3
    Training, guidance and mentoring adapted to each culture and in your own language.
  • 4
    Following a certificate training, we offer a variety of programmes, workshops and mentoring possibilities to aid your personal immersion and skills development.
  • 5
    Programmes and mentored coaching with specific focus areas; market demand, business development, method development, integration in health care, research, as well as interventions for different clients; workplaces, health care, SPA, wellness integration and other.

The pathway of the Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy trainings
and certification works as following:

The first step for both programmes is a 7 day intensive immersion. Immediately following this you begin your mandatory 3 months Mentored Practice. This is home based. After the 3 months Mentored Practice the paths take different directions. If you are on the Forest Bathing path you will receive your certification. If you are on the Forest Therapy path you have chosen an additional 3 days of clinical/ treatment forest therapy professional skills development, before the final 3 months Mentored Practice starts. This final Mentored Practice will enable you to integrate your learning into your work practice.

EFTI- Certified Forest Bathing Guide:
7 day intensive training
+ 3 months Mentored Practice

= Certification

EFTI - Certified Forest Therapy Guide:
7 day intensive training
+ 3 months Mentored Practice

+3 days  Continous Professional Development (CPD)                + 3 months Mentored Practice
= Certification


7 days immersion for both trainings paths that consists of a combination of experiential and classroom style learning using the 5x5 model.

The 5x5-model is the common framework that both paths share, where you will learn:

  • The Art of Guiding and Core Forest Bathing Techniques to guide your forest bathing walks/experiences.
  • The Science of Forest Bathing: the evidence based practice.
  • Embodied presence and working with the senses.
  • The Forest Bathing framework 5x5-model.
  • Trail selection criteria.
  • Cultural considerations and enhancing your relationship with the land.
  • Naturalist knowledge on your area.
  • Enhancing personal awareness of your relationship with nature.


Mentored Practice: the immersion is followed by a 3 months Mentored Practice to integrate the immersion learnings where you will be:

  • Paired with a local mentor that will support your journey.
  • Attending a series of monthly calls with colleagues and mentor.

It is a requirement of the certification that you complete First Aid Training” or “Wilderness First Aid Training” as part of your mentored practise.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD): After your Mentored Practice, we will meet again for a CPD immersion (3 days); specific for Forest Therapy training path where you will learn:

  • Workplace stress reduction and wellness programs.
  • Designing Forest Therapy Interventions.
  • Guiding skills and considerations.
  • Working with Clinical Populations.

With the Forest Bathing training, you will be able to:

  • Guide Forest Bathing walks/experiences.
  • Design Forest Bathing workshops.
  • Provide extended multi-day wellness and stress reduction experiences.
  • Demonstrate strong standards, ethics and professional body recognition.
  • Form partnerships with organisations.
  • Integrate nature connection practices into your work.

With the Forest Therapy training, you will be able to:

  • Guide Forest Bathing walks/experiences.
  • Work with specific populations.
  • Demonstrate strong standards, ethics and professional body recognition.
  • Form partnerships with organizations.
  • Work collaboratively with healthcare professionals to develop social/green prescriptions.
  • Develop Forest Therapy Interventions with a specific framework and engage in research.
  • Establish multi day programmes for Nature Based Workplace Wellness Programmes.



1.850 euros
for the 3-month period. 

The cost does not include travels, accommodations or meals.


2.450 euros
for the 6-month period. 

The cost does not include travels, accommodations or meals.


7 Days immersion: 13-19 September 2019

Oasi Zegna, Piedmont - Northern Italy
Language: English/Italian

7 Days immersion: 27 September -03 October 2019

Château Frandeux, Pays de Famenne, Southern Belgium
Language: English/French/Dutch

7 Days immersion: 04-10 November 2019

Parque Oncol, Valdivia - Chile
Language: Spanish


7 Days immersion: 16-22 May 2019

Mundekulla Retreat Farm, Småland County - Sur de Suecia
Language: English/Swedish

7 Days immersion: 10-16 June 2019

Mata do Bussaco, Luso - Center of Portugal
Language: English/Portuguese

7 Days immersion: 15-21 July 2019

Urkiola Natural Park, Biscay - Northern Spain
Language: Spanish

7 Days immersion: 3-9 August 2019

​​YHA National Forest, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England
Language: English

7 Days immersion: 17-23 August 2019

​Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park
Language: English



“I did not want it to end! The beautiful atmosphere, the sense of safety, the oneness in nature. The trainer is so deeply embodied in what is taught, so authentic. It has been most inspiring and helpful”


Artist and therapist, Sweden


"This training allows for the participant to explore their own thoughts and feelings about their own health and wellbeing and their nature connection practice. This is very important as it’s a successful element of being able to deliver nature based interventions for others"

Public Health, Ireland


"This training was a great opportunity to learn about the latest research and forest therapy practice within Europe. The trainers were very knowledgeable and supportive. I am so excited to learn more and take this work further"

Therapist, England


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