Parque Oncol, Valdivia - Chile

Language: Spanish

7 days Immersion from 4 – 10 de November 2019
(For both trainings, Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy Guide))
Forest Bathing Practice Ends: 10 February 2020

3 days - CPD Immersion of Forest Therapy from 14 - 16 February 2020
The Forest Therapy Practice Ends: 10 May 2020


Only 28 km from Valdivia, on the highest hill of the Cordillera de la Costa, is Oncol Park. 2,841 hectares, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary, makes this an area of High Conservation Value and great ecological importance.

Its temperate rain forests are a true refuge for endemic species of flora and fauna, some of them in danger of extinction. Oncol and its surroundings have witnessed glaciations, settlements of coastal indigenous populations and the process of Spanish colonization (S XVI) and later German (S XIX), in 1989 a designated area of High Conservation Value by Arauco.

A unique ecosystem

Oncol Park, home to various endemic flora and fauna species, the result of glaciations that occurred in South America 18,000 years ago. Here, the highest hills of the coastal range - Oncol, Cerro Mirador and Nahuelbuta - were largely free of ice, becoming shelters for species of flora and fauna. This allowed for great biological diversity within the temperate South American forests.

In Parque Oncol you will discover a great biodiversity of emblematic species and a wooded remnant of the southern coast of Chile. Its forests present fascinating adaptations to seasonal changes and natural events such as intense rains (exceeding 3,500 mm per year), strong winds and high atmospheric humidity. The Darwin's frog, now in danger of extinction, has a size that does not exceed three centimeters and has traditionally been considered by scientists as a true sensor of the ecosystems where it lives. Concepción, for two years they have been working intensely to preserve and repopulate with this Chilean species, the native forests present in its forest heritage.

This is the project "Diagnosis and proposals for Conservation of Amphibian Populations in Forestal Arauco properties in the Cordillera de la Costa". The Ministry of Environment and the Agricultural and Livestock Service -SAG- participates in the breeding programme and also has support from the Leipzig Zoo (Germany) which is highly recognized and has experience in amphibian reproduction.



Oncol Park guest house has capacity for 14 people accommodated in shared rooms with a style of cabin beds. It also has camping sites with water, toilets and fire facilities.

The space has electric lights and drinking water.


Accommodation and meals reservations are managed directly with Bosques para Ti.

Contact person: Claudio

Telf.: 9.92430351


Please let them know of any allergies or special requirements such as lactose or gluten free products or vegetarian diets.


Full board: 40,000 Chilean pesos per person per day. Includes 3 meals, 2 types of menu and coffee breaks, water, natural juices.


Airports: Santiago airport to Pichoy Valdivia airport, 4 daily flights to Valdivia. Airlines; Letmart, Lan chile, Sky Airline.

Bus: From Santiago via Bus to Valdivia, 10 hours of travel. Book a ticket at, to the Valdivia terminal.

From Valdivia terminal to Oncol Park; a private bus will be transferred to the facilities on November 4th. The departure time will be indicated weeks before the start of the training.

Car: Oncol Park  is accessed by the coastal route. The distance from Coastal Route to Oncol Park in about 30 km.