One person, one place in the web of beings


EFTI was born from a seed where every person and every organisation is welcome. This seed is the primary root of the EFTI values.

  • We value integrity and trust with our stakeholders.
  • We express gratitude to the wisdom of the ancient traditions that influence our practice.
  • We respect all cultures and traditions.
  • We aim to make our trainings inclusive and accessible to all.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of education, competency and professionalism for the integration of this practice into health care systems.
  • We invest resources in local programs to benefit communities.

-Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct-

The EFTI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct are fundamental to the values of EFTI and essential to lead this practice by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. The code guides us in our daily work.

Who does the code apply to?

  • The code applys to all partners, local institutes, workers, managers, as well as independent contractors.
  • We also expect that third parties working with us will follow similarly high ethical standards.

Business Practices

● Wages and Working Hour: EFTI personnel at head office or trainings are paid; we are committed to follow all applicable wage and work hours laws and regulations.

● Compliance with Laws and Regulations: EFTI is committed to full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which it operates.

● Operations: EFTI fulfils all the country specific legal requirements; Insurance: EFTI activities are covered by an RC insurance according to the country legislation.

● Taxes: EFTI pays all taxes (as VAT) in the countries where the trainings are taking place.

● Competition: EFTI’s aim is to create a web of collaborators where people are encouraged to work together.

How We Treat Each Other

All partners are entitled to work in an environment that is free of harassment, bullying and discrimination. Harassment, bullying and discrimination take many forms, including:

● Mental, emotional or physical marginalization or exclusion.

● Sexual harassment.

● Unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contact.

● Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments (explicit or by innuendo).

● Verbal or physical abuse or threats.


EFTI actively creates and promotes an environment that is inclusive of all people and their unique abilities, strengths and differences, and promotes diversity as a strategic advantage for EFTI.

We respect diversity in each other, third parties and all others with whom we interact.


Within the EFTI transparency is seen as a business priority and key to performance.
We aspire to be open and transparent about how we operate in order to earn and retain the trust and confidence of our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.


  • Embodies honesty and open communication.
  • Is an individual being honest with himself about the actions he is taking.
  • Is also the organisation being upfront and visible about the actions it takes, and whether those actions are consistent with its values.

EFTI strives to create a safe environment: physically, financially, and emotionally where there is no fear in raising or disclosing difficult issues for employees, subcontractors and partners.