Sit Spot by Old friend ”Crocked Pine”, Nacka Nature Reserve

What a relief! I am here again, and in a way, for the first time.

I lean backwards against the friendly, allowing, supporting, soft and warm crocked Pine, and begin to sense; the sensing itself. It opens up to what is. To that which is alive and present. As if windows to the world within and without are opening, one at a time. Some of which I am familiar and others that feels new and make themselves known without a name.

I have come to know this place I call sitspot. It is a place to be, simple and natural. Here flows the communication while the mind and body settles. Somehow, this bodymind sits down where it is most needed, and in need. Right now at the soft, flakey bark of my dear friend, Crocked Pine, and right by the scent of a thousand sun warm needles. I am invited to sit while the guests arrive; the breeze against my face, the myriads of green all around, waving to me through a divine choreography of flickering and flowing movements. The little red squirrel with bushy tails high, eyes open and claws performing perfect grips on bark, the branch, the bush. And there´s a shift entering. A breath, as expansive as the sky above, allowing for a whole day of missing oxygen to flood and revive the long lost cells of held back living, allowing for a roll back into a deep settled relaxation. I sense my face changing and a smile appearing from out of my warm belly and red, red heart. My hand lifts and I wave back. Effortless reciprocity.

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