Mundekulla Retreat Farm, Småland County, Southern Sweden
Language: English/Swedish.

7 days Immersion from 16 - 22 May 2019
(for both, Certified Forest Bathing Guide and certified Forest Therapy Guide Trainings)
Forest Bathing Practice Ends: 22 August 2019

3 days - CPD Immersion of Forest Therapy from 30 August - 1 September 2019
Forest Therapy Practice Ends: 1 December 2019

Mundekulla Retreat Farm is situated in the south of Sweden, in the county of Småland. It is internationally renowned for its calm and peaceful surroundings and is often described as a little paradise, built on ecological principles. The site offers a varied and beautiful landscape surrounded by old forests, creeks and freshwater ponds (for swimming) as well as walking paths. The property rests on 60 hectares (150 acres). As such it is a perfect place for mindfulness, yoga, retreats and festivals and similar events.

Småland means ”small lands or countries” and is quite an accurate description of this county. It has been populated since around 12 000 years BC, when the ice age slowly disappeared and the first gather hunterers wandered up north, discovering reindeer trails. Archeologists reveal a land that embraces a human history that runs from these first gather hunterers through the era of the vikings, and further on to modern times. Anthropologic studies in this region has found very early expressions of a religious life, closely interrelated with the animals and nature beings, with whom they lived closely interrelated. Småland features a population shaped by the conditions, nowadays known for their persevering nature and hard working ethics. 

Food and lodging for 6 days and nights (including day 7)

- Single room with private bathroom/shower: 2 rooms w 2 beds 6300 Skr (Swedish Krona)
- Single room with shared bathroom/shower: 2 rooms w 2 beds 5700 Skr
- Shared room with private bathroom/shower, 4 beds 5400 Skr
- Shared room with shared bathroom/shower, 4 beds, 6 beds* 4800 Skr
- Shared room with shared bathroom/shower, 1 rum, 3 beds** 4525 Skr
- Sleeping alcove, shared space, behind a curtain, 3 beds 3925 kr

* These shared rooms can be used as single
**This single room can be used as shared

There are more options. Please contact Mundekulla if you have special needs and requirements.

Accommodation reservations are managed directly with the Mundekulla managers.
For reservations and practical questions please contact: Ann Sjöling


E-mail: info@mundekulla.se
Telefono: +46(0)471-50450

- Day 1: Dinner
- Day 2-6: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon”fika” (coffe/tea break), dinner
- Day 7: Breakfast and Lunch

At least 80 % of the food we serve is organic and vegetarian or vegan
Meals and ”fika” is served in the restaurant. The guests help out with the dishes.
Please let us know of any allergies or special requirements such as lactose or gluten free products.

It's easy to find your way to Mundekulla, situated in southeastern Sweden outside Emmaboda. 

By Car: 
Turn from route 120 approx. 5 km outside of Emmaboda or from route 25 by way of Lessebo. Look for and follow signs to Mundekulla.

By Train: 
Arriving into Emmaboda from all directions every hour, at least every second hour.

By Bus: 
Swebuss or Silverlinjen to Kalmar, or Svenskabuss to Växjö, and then by train to Emmaboda.

Swebuss 0200-218 218,
Silverlinjen 0485-26111,
Svenska Buss 0771-676767,

National flights:
Arrives Kalmar, Växjo and Ronneby (60 km from Mundekulla). Buses leave from the airports to the train station and then there is a 30 min train ride to Emmaboda (60 min from Ronneby).

International flights:

We recommend you to fly with www.easyjet.com to Copenhagen or some other flight company. Then you'll take a direct train to Emmaboda (3 hours) from Copenhagen/Köpenhavn airport (Kastrup). Book your train ticket on www.sj.se. Then you'll book a taxi from Emmaboda to Mundekulla (10 min). See below.
International Flights also reaches Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm with
www.ryanair.com. From Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm you’ll take a bus to the central stations and then there's an easy train ride to Emmaboda. www.sj.se

Mundekulla Taxi 
From Emmaboda to Mundekulla you can get aTaxi ride for around 150 SEK/car (approx. 12 GBP, 15 Euro) by calling Taxi Emma (0046) +471-10100 and ask for a Mundekulla Taxi. It's recommended to call them the day prior to your arrival.