The EFTI trainers have a total of 50 years combined clinical experience working in the areas of mental health, physical health and social wellbeing. They have worked in health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and have worked across various settings in communities, clinics and hospitals. All trainers have ten years + experience of nature connection work and international training. They are experts in the field.

We have established four localised organisations operating within our individual countries to develop and promote Forest Bathing/Therapy training programmes in Europe:

  • Instituto de Baños de Bosque Spain (formerly Shinrin-Yoku Barcelona).
  • Instituto de Banhos de Floresta (formerly Shinrin-Yoku Portugal).
  • Shinrin-Yoku Sweden.
  • Ecowellness Consulting Limited (formerly Nature, Health and Wellbeing Ireland).

All four operate under the umbrella organisation EFTI. It is with deep gratitude to the forests and the natural world as well as to all those who have gone before us, our friends, trainers and collaborating Forest Therapy Guides all over the world, that we now share our work and vision with you.

What is Forest Therapy

EFTI have identified a growing need to offer a variety of high quality Forest Bathing/Therapy services in Europe; to develop Forest Bathing/Therapy with the awareness of different cultural contexts and to offer local support.

EFTI trainers have also presented their own research and practice at the following international conferences: Institute of Public Health (Ireland); Nature Connections Conference (UK); International Conference on Landscape and Human Health (Austria); International Forest Therapy Days (Finland), Camp Conference - Nordic Outdoor Therapy (Norway); and Forest Europe Conference (Slovakia).

Specific nature based programmes designed by the trainers include KIDS and Forests, Clinical Forest Therapy for Mental Health Populations and Forest Therapy for Occupational Stress.

Our trainings are currently delivered in English, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese


Petra Ellora

Petra Ellora Cau


Shirley Gleeson

Shirley Gleeson


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